Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Introducing Season Zero Artwork and Illustration Studio

Season Zero is an art & illustration studio I discovered based in Germany. They've won numerous awards for their artwork in the music industry and produce original, striking designs. I caught up with Matthias to chat about their work. 

1) As musicians yourselves, did you always want to work on artwork within the music industry? 

I started to make music about 14 years ago. Since the bands I've played in always had the ambition to release music it was necessary to have an artwork and cover for our demos. So the first cover artwork I made was for my own bands. By playing live shows and meeting other bands I had the opportunity to do this for other local and underground bands. 10 years ago I began to work by my company name "Season Zero“ and continued to work for bands during my studies. 

Close to my final exams I got a phone call asking me if I would like to do an artwork for Universal Music Germany – it was an amazing opportunity for me to then go freelance after I did my bachelor thesis in Media Design. It was kind of a natural development and I’m thankful that so many bands and musicians gave me their trust, thereby allowing me to build up a portfolio over the years. One thing led to another and major bands and labels joined the ride.

2) What project have you been working on recently?

It might seem a bit strange but the last few projects I’ve been working on reflect the way in which I see my job quite well! I was working on the new album of Schwarzer Engel (a german Dark Metal/Gothic band) and for Glasperlenspiel (popular german Pop/Electro duo) – to name a few. Totally different styles, genres and labels – but that’s what makes it so exciting: every project has a different approach in style and feeling . It was always my goal to be able to translate any kind of design to fit the music of a band or musician. I'm working for underground Metal bands, as well as pop acts at the same time – which is cool. Through this I get the chance to venture into all kinds of different styles and artworks!

3) Do you have a preferred style of music to listen to whilst working?

Not really. If I like the music of the artist I’m working for I tend to listen to it while I'm working – but most of the time their music is still in process when I start to work on the designs. Though my musicial roots are rock/metal, nowadays I’m listening to a wide range of music like Folk, Jazz, Electro… for me the genre doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the song itself – either it’s good or not. 

4) Where do you draw inspiration with fonts for logotypes? 

 I’m a huge fan of traditional sign makers. I always try to find a way to see some kind of an image in the word that has to be transformed into a logotype or brand. It’s fascinating how every word bears it’s own potential to work with. Every letter has to be treated uniquely, thus it’s like a design micro- cosmos where every line, space and dimensions matters. 

Discover more of their work here 

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