Sunday, 7 September 2014

Time: Tattoo Art Today

This week I visited Somerset House for the Tattoo Art exhibition, which is being held until the 5th October. 
Somerset House
The exhibition comprises of original artworks from some of the worlds most influential tattoo artists. These include Ed Hardy, Paul Booth and Chris Garver to name a few. After having a coffee in the courtyard we headed in to the exhibition. 
'Rouge' by Rose Hardy 
'Jennie' by Antonio Macko Todisco 
'Trinity' by Joe Capobianco 
'Mark of Identity' by Ami James
'Time waits for no one' by Jack Rudy 
'Waiting in the back' by Grime

'Old Friend' by George Campise 

These are just some of my favorites from the display, there are so many interesting and cool designs to be seen, I won't give it all away! The collection is a mixture of mediums including oil paintings, watercolors, paint layering on real skulls and airbrushing. Each piece of art work is completely new which has been made especially for the exhibition, making it a must see. I find there's something incredibly relaxing about wandering around an exhibit space and it always feeds my creativity.

The exhibition is completely free and there's also posters and books available to buy. For more information visit the Somerset House website. 

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