Thursday, 20 March 2014

Interview with Tattoo Artist Hannah Lightspeed

Whilst browsing Twitter I discovered the amazing tattoos of Camden based artist Hannah Lightspeed. I decided to reach out to Hannah for a chat about her work. Hannah kindly agreed to take some time out and answer my burning questions! 

 Hannah Lightspeed Tattoo Artist
How long have u been tattooing?
I think its about 2 years. I got into tattooing as I loved getting tattooed myself. I have a masters in animation but decided to get into fashion. I designed jewellery for Topman for 3 years, but it was too corporate! I'm not good with authority.... So I got an apprenticeship in a studio in Essex and quit everything, moved back home, and worked my ass off!

Where do you find inspiration?
In anything and everything!  I have an MA in 2d animation so drawing has been in my life in a major way. Music is a great inspiration also.

What music do you like listening to while tattooing?
I like cheesy pop punk, or chick rock like crucified Barbara :)

What is your favorite part of the job?
Making people happy? (Cheesy i know) When you put a permanent piece of artwork on someone and they love  it, or its someones first tattoo? ? They will remember you always. That's a good feeling!  :)

Do you have a favorite/most memorable tattoo? 
I tattooed the inside of both of some guys ears, acupuncture spots... to help his drug and alcohol addiction,  it felt like I made a difference :)

Are you going to be tattooing at any upcoming events?
Yes ill be at The Great British tattoo show in May. Further details of the event can be found below. 

Hannah can be found on Instagram here and works from Believe In Ink Studio, 86 Camden High St, NW1. (Tel - 02074821311)

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