Saturday, 22 February 2014

Stolen Space Gallery, Whitechapel London

This weekend I visited the Stolen Space Gallery in Whitechapel, London. Based just off Whitechapel High Street, Stolen Space is a gallery showcasing artists which have been labelled as 'Underground Art', 'Street Art and 'Urban Art'. 

I love discovering new artists and galleries and this certainly didn't disappoint. The current exhibition entitled 'Back to Black' by Christian Guemy, aka street artist C215, who has been described as 'France's answer to Banksy, has drawn inspiration from his travels and the work he has produced seeks to reflect upon the experiences he has been met with on his excursions.

There was also exclusive signed copies of The Art of D-Face book 'One Man and his dog' and merchandise in the gallery.

The Gallery.

'Purple Rain'

For more information visit the website here and on Twitter. It's definitely worth a visit!

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