Monday, 31 March 2014

Gig Review - Marie GC - Killswitch Engage

It’s always such an amazing atmosphere at a show like this with my view from the photo pit. The security guards in good spirit as they engage in banter with the photographers, and pass cups of water to the thirsty front barrier clingers; which by this point looking rather red faced from Trivium’s set, but clearly not budging - for they have made it this far. The sold out venue goes pitch black, and all attention is on the stage as Killswitch Engage appear to soundtrack ‘Eye of the Tiger’ - which couldn’t be more befitting to the performance as they certainly didn’t pull any punches.

Everyone, quite frankly, goes mental as the eccentric Adam D runs across the stage in his “daisy dukes”. Clearly he will be up to his usual stage antics! As the intro fades they blast straight into ‘A Bid Farewell’, the whole of Brixton Academy is consumed with a spectacular lighting display and eruption of energy.

Jesse Leach owns the stage, his vocals - effortless, and his engaging with the crowd – humble, as he nails tracks from the Howard Jones era. It’s evident they have moved forward, and Jesse proves he is most certainly one of the most formidable frontmen in metal. From their latest album ‘Disarm the Descent’, tracks ‘New Awakening’ and ‘In Due Time’ sit perfectly in the set alongside the Killswitch classics. Adam D provides the usual comedy moments, along with the memorable riffs that are the foundation of their sound, yet his strong stage presence doesn’t detract from Jesse. Duelling guitars and fierce drumming complete the perfect package. 

Ending in perfection with an Encore ‘My Curse’, they left the hairs on the back of my neck standing – ever so slightly taller than Trivium. 

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