Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Interview with BoomArtwork

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Eric Van Den Boom (who works under the name BoomArtwork) who is an extremely talented artist, specializing in illustration and custom lettering.  I found Erics work via Instagram and was immediately drawn to his stylish, detailed work. Eric kindly took the time to answer some questions and share some information behind his work!

What project have you been working on recently?

I've just finished a personal work, a portrait of David Bowie. This one and other prints are for sale in my webshop . David Bowie is one of my all time heroes. I've been creating a lot of work whilst listening to Bowie albums. So I thought it would make sense to do a portrait of him.

 Do you have a preferred style of music to listen to whilst working?

This really depends on the mood I'm in, and the time of the day, but I find music very important. I won't start doing anything before there's music on. Could be something really relaxed, or dark, uplifting or loud. When I'm doing album design or a festival poster I always listen to the band or acts. It helps me to get into the right vibe. I used to be in a punk band for years, so my roots is guitar based music. At the same time I've been enjoying all sorts of styles of music. From very experimental jazz electro to plain in your face oldschool punk. I'm always searching for new music, and like discovering new stuff.

 What do you enjoy most about your work?

When I'm totally in a flow, when things are going well with a project, and listening to my favourite music.When I'm really concentrated and mindful I can feel really privileged to be doing something I really like, and then realising it's my job.

Having previously completed work in Brighton, are there any other towns or cities you'd like to spend time in?

I love Utrecht, the city I'm currently living, but wouldn't mind spending working a summer in Barcelona. Or in Brighton again, as I had a great time there.

I particularly love your custom lettering, where do you draw inspiration from for new styles of fonts? 

Thanks! Mostly old packaging that I collect on flea markets, or second hand stores. Nowadays all this stuff is also on available on Pinterest, if you follow the right people, but it still is more fun to find something special in a store somewhere when I'm on a trip. It reminds my of my trip.

To view more visit Erics website and Instagram

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